David T.

David T. Age 55, a native to the Northwest, he worked as a landscaper and has been a below
the knee amputee for seventeen years. David says that he had thirty prosthetics made
elsewhere and none of them fit and no one knew how to fix the problems. “I went to Jeff at
Eastside Prosthetics and he knew what the problem was right away. Jeff told me that I had
abcess pockets of infection in the back of my knee and that’s why I was having problems with
my prosthesis. He told me I would have to have surgery to have them removed and then I could
be fitted with a new prosthesis. After my surgeries healed, I went back and Jeff fitted me with
a miracle prosthetic!! It is almost like having my leg back. I am mobile, walking my dogs twice a
day and mowing my own lawn with no pain! No more antibiotics and no more pain medication!
I feel like a whole new person! Jeff is smart and definitely knows what he is doing, he is a genius
in my book. Thanks everyone at Eastside Prosthetics.”

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