FJ Taylor

FJ Taylor I have been an amputee for over 35 years (left leg knee disarticulation), and have seen many prosthetists in that time. My fittings are complicated by a broken femur, and even good prosthetists have often had difficulty delivering a comfortable, functional, prosthetic.

Among the few that have been able to deliver a comfortable, functional fit are Jeff Warila and his team at Eastside Prosthetics and Orthotics in Gresham, OR. I have used Eastside Prosthetics and Orthotics since September of 2006, after being referred by another amputee, and have found Jeff and his staff to be among the best I have used anywhere. They are knowledgeable,
professional, and friendly, and they all go far “above and beyond the call of duty” for every patient in their care. From the minute you walk in the office, there is a difference.

I have always maintained that a prosthetist can often be told from his staff. In my experience, a poor office staff often means a poor prosthetist. Jeff’s staff are all excellent. (One of the office staff is herself an amputee, and thus understands our needs personally.) Jeff uses a unique
(and, in my opinion, superior) system and method in all aspects of care, from evaluating to casting, producing and final fitting. In addition to keeping abreast of all the latest materials and techniques, he takes special care with the most important aspect of all – ensuring a comfortable
fit, and he always ensures that the system and materials used match his patient’s needs.

Although he gladly advises and assists where necessary, one of his best traits is that he listens to the patient’s individual needs and wishes.

I have always had high standards for my prosthetics, since I remained very active after losing the leg. I have engaged in sailing, sky-diving, martial arts, foil- epee- and saber-fencing, motor-cycling, hiking and other activities, so I need a rugged limb capable of meeting a number of
demands while still giving me a comfortable fit. Though not quite as active now as I once was, I still require an excellent fit and a system that will allow me to fulfill an active life-style that at times remains quite demanding. Jeff listened to my needs, and has consistently delivered
prosthetics and sockets that meet my stringent criteria, and indeed excel. His service and follow-up are excellent. I have been privileged to have had several excellent prosthetists over the last 35-plus years. In my opinion, Jeff ranks among the very best. I have recommended him to many other amputees, and will continue to do so.

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