Shelly B.

Shelly B. Lives in the Northwest, was a Comcast employee and has been an above the knee
amputee for twenty years. She has known Jeff Warila for twenty years and he has been her
primary prosthetisist for ten years. Shelly says “Jeff is patient, nice, calm, and has a good
sense of humor, never gets rattled and wants you to do your very best. I have tried other
prosthetisists, but Jeff has helped me the most. He comes up with original ideas to deal with
difficult challenges. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I love the whole staff at Eastside Prosthetics.
They are very friendly and even helped with my insurance. I feel like I am good friends with
everyone at Eastside and working with them has been the best experience of any medical care
that I have had. Thank you Jeff and everyone at Eastside Prosthetics.”

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