Lower Extremity Specialists

Eastside Prosthetics and Orthotics is dedicated to the mobility of our patients. We have three full time prosthetists on staff that specializes in keeping our amputees mobile, safe and comfortable. Although we also provide orthotic services for our local community, our specialty is custom fabricated lower extremity devices.

The Difficult Fit

Have you had difficulty being fit for a prosthesis? Have you had initial success, but within a short period of days or weeks developed problems with the fit of your prosthesis? Have you been to multiple prosthetists but still don’t have a good fitting prosthesis? If you consider yourself to be… or have been classified as a “difficult fit”, then Eastside can help! More than half of our patients have been there. They have been from prosthetist to prosthetist searching for a better fit. Many of our patients travel here from other states because they get consistent results.

How We Do It

Socket fit is the key. Because we use the Surelimb system, we are better equipped to take on the challenges of the “difficult fit” patient. This revolutionary fitting process allows us to offer a 100% comfort guarantee! For the difficult fit patient, we will not build a prosthesis until we can prove to the patient full weight bearing comfort. We use advanced molding materials that allow us to achieve the best fit possible on the very first visit. By spending more time acquiring socket information up front, we build confidence in the ultimate outcome.

Transforming The Difficult Fit Patient

It is our belief that most people who consider themselves difficult to fit truly aren’t that difficult. Education is key. As long as the patient is committed to learning about their unique needs and can be taught how to address them on an ongoing basis, then most patients transform into successful prosthetic users. Education on behalf of your practitioner is also imperative. We are committed to staying up on the latest technology. Even more importantly, we learn from our patients. Each patient though similar to many, are unique individuals. We often spend more time getting to know you and your unique needs than we spend on any other aspect of your care. Communication is key to success.

What To Expect

First of all, if you have been having difficulty with your prosthesis then your residual limb is most likely not in its best physical condition. You may have chronic wounds, pain, and almost always residual fluids pooled within your tissues. Even if you wear shrinkers or wrap with elastic bandages, nothing causes limb shrinkage like a comfortable, stable prosthetic socket. When your socket fits, you will be on your feet more.

Now that you are up and more active, the dynamic pressures within the socket cause the fluids to be pushed from the limb. The smaller residual limb is now not supported adequately within the socket and pain and tissue breakdown ensue. This is where many prosthetists hand you a bag full of wool socks. Although adding socks works sometimes, rarely does the body shrink evenly in 3 or 5 ply increments.

The Surelimb system is based on leverage within your socket. The leverage created when you balance on your prosthesis creates areas of high and low pressure within the socket. The body shrinks over fleshy areas that are experiencing high pressure and as expected, the low pressure areas do not shrink as much as the high pressure areas.

Another obvious but often overlooked fact is the bony areas do not shrink under pressure. Why put a sock over a bony area? It has not shrunk. If you do, then you will shift pressures in the socket. A sock over a bony area will change your alignment within the prosthesis. We certainly don’t want to change your alignment.

Surelimb Solution

Surelimb prosthetists recognize the body’s response to pressure and take an aggressive approach managing the fit without changing the alignment. We have developed a system of padding the socket that eliminates the firs 5 to 10 plys of sock. The patient can still use socks as a home remedy, but at follow-up visits, we will try to minimize stump socks by relining your socket with our special Surelimb fitting system.

Everyone is Different

When patients experience the Surelimb system for the first time, it is very predictable. With increased comfort comes increased activity. The increased activity causes shape change. Almost always a new socket will be needed within a few months. Most don’t mind because for the first time in a long while, they are experiencing comfort and success with their prosthesis. If your limb is large and fleshy, you may require multiple sockets over time. If you have not worn a prosthesis in months or years you may also require multiple sockets. In cases where you have been wearing an uncomfortable prosthesis every day, but your limb has shrunk and is free of edema and adipose tissue, then typically only one additional socket will be required.


We try to time sockets changes when your residual limb stabilizes. This may seem confusing, but we need to remember, it takes only days to eliminate fluid in your limb under high pressure…but months to build up muscle! The increased leverage and comfort within your prosthesis will allow you to walk longer and farther than ever. In time, your body will build muscle. Surprisingly, with the Surelimb socket, the residual limb will often become firm and muscular. After period of shrinking away the fat and getting smaller… the residual limb will then begin to actually get larger due to muscle gain!!

Who doesn’t want to transform that soft flabby residual limb? Results have shown time and again, the Surelimb socket can give you the firm, powerful limb you have always envisioned.