Staff Page

Jeffery W. Warila, CPO

Jeffery W. Warila, CPO, is the owner of Eastside Prosthetics and Orthotics. He is native to the Northwest, growing up in Kalama, Washington. He is a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist. He developed a love for this wonderful environment he still calls home. His post-secondary education was completed in 1990, through the school of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington. From the minute he entered the field, he has been on a mission to improve the lives of amputees. He worked for two separate P&O companies in the first few years, but always knew he would need to be on his own to realize his vision. In September 2002, Jeff achieved his dream. He purchased Eastside Prosthetics & Orthotics and from there his passions have flourished. He is the developer of the Surelimb system. Within that system, he holds three United States Patents for his revolutionary improvements in prosthetics. Jeff describes himself as determined. He believes that where there is a will there most certainly is a way.

Steve Rosenberg, CP, BOCO

Steve Rosenberg, CP, BOCO, has worked for Eastside for eight years. He received his prosthetic and orthotic education at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in Los Angeles and at Northwestern University in Chicago. Steve brings a wide set of skills to Eastside from his years outside of prosthetics and orthotics working as a graphic designer for a newspaper, a color specialist for the printing industry and as a photojournalist/ photographer. His longtime interest in prosthetics began when he became an amputee himself due to a traumatic accident as a teenager. He realized that he wanted to learn to make and adjust his own prosthetics. Steve is empathetic with his patients and serves as an example of what is possible with today’s modern prosthetics.

Steve Jahn, CPO

Steve began his education in prosthetics at Century College in Minnesota in 2001, served his prosthetic residency at Shriner’s Hospital in Minneapolis, then advanced to Twin City Orthopedics.

Steve has a BA in Biological Science and Business Management and has compiled a vast background in tool and die machining and mechanical engineering.

Steve is dedicated to helping patients of Eastside Prosthetics in their rehabilitation to get back to living life independently.

Janet Huddle, Office Manager

Janet Huddle, Office Manager, grew up in a small town in Northern California and relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1998. She has been married for 20 years and is the mother of a daughter and 2 sons. In her spare time she enjoys boating, gardening, spending time with her 11 grandchildren and walks with her Yorkie, Piper.

She joined the staff at Eastside Prosthetics & Orthotics as office manager in April of 1998 and has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and medical billing.

Shannon Christensen, Office/Patient Coordinator

Shannon Christensen, Office/Patient Coordinator, has been an amputee for more than 30 years. She came to Eastside P & O more than 8 years ago as a patient and has now been an employee for 7 years as the office/patient coordinator. She has been married for 16 years and is the proud mother of 3 girls.

When she isn’t busy working, running her girls to soccer or other errands, she enjoys just hanging out with her family watching movies and playing video games. Shannon also enjoys being a volunteer at her church where she is a leader/counselor to the Junior High School students.

Susan Jones, Marketing and Sales Manager

Susan Jones, Marketing and Sales Manager, is a Business Management graduate of Portland State University. She brings with her over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in Retail and Pharmaceuticals.

Susan is married and is a mother of 2 sons. Her oldest son has autism and is gifted in music. Her youngest son loves to act and has been on a few local TV commercials. Susan’s favorite hobbies include rollerblading, skateboarding on her 43″ longboard, and obtaining her second hole in one at golf. She is also a master gardener and loves animals.